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Spring Means VMCAS!

Every spring, the excitement begins to build in the hearts of pre-veterinary student accross the globe. Yes, spring means VMCAS season!

The VMCAS 2015 is currently being tested and any of the bugs are being exterminated from the sytem to ensure a smooth process for applicants and evaluators. The VMCAS 2015 launches on June 5pm at around 1:00pm, Eastern Time. At that point, applicants may log in and begin their application.

So, as an advisor, how do you make sure your pre-vet students are properly prepared for the application? I've put together a list some of the important tools that will help you and your student(s) prepare and execute a sucessful VMCAS application.

  • VMCAS has updated all of the tools that advisors and applicants need on our website. These charts and tools will help guide your applicants in the right direction.
  • The most important thing an applicant can do is research the schools they are considering applying to! School requirements differ and heading into the application knowing these differences will save a lot of angst moving forward. This link will help.
  • Fully understanding the VMCAS instructions is also an important part of navigating the VMCAS application.
  • Transcript verification is also an important process for applicants and advisors to know about. We recommend that applicants request their official transcripts as soon as they create their VMCAS application. Applicants should create their VMCAS account, then head over to the "Institutions Attended" section of the application to find a transcript request form. This will help expedite the processing once we receive the transcript and form.

Finally, we encourage advisors and applicants to register for the AAVMC's Student Engagement System (VSES). The VSES annoucements and monthly "Pathways" newsletters will keep you and your student(s) informed throughout the process.

We hope this information helps you and your applicants. We've found all of these tools to be useful as applicants begin to prepare to embark on their VMCAS application. Of course, we always want to hear from you, so please feel free to contact us on the dedicated advisor email hotline: advisors@aavmc.org. Or, call the VMCAS Student and Advisor Hotline at: 617-612-2884.

AAVMC Forms Student Advisory Panel

Recently, the AAVMC's Admissions & Recruitment Committee (ARC) has approved the formation of a student panel. Under the direction of Tony Wynne, AAVMC's Director of Admissions & Recruitment Affairs and Jennifer Mailey, Director of Admissions at Cornell University, the panel will serve multiple duties and responsibilities (See Panel Charge below).

The seven member panel will be lead by Nolan Shaw, (Founding President) an incoming Junior at North Carolina State Univeristy. The remainder of the panel is made up of one representative of each academic class from undergrad through first year vet students.

Shaw writes, "From my perspective the student panel is something that is fundamental in the process of the AAVMC facilitating the application process for pre-vet track students, and providing leadership opportunities to those students. [While the] panel will serve the purpose of direct student feedback and ideas concerning admissions & recruitment issues, it will also provide the possibility for students to bring in projects, collaborations, and ideas with other students body organizations."

Panel Charge:

  • Provide feedback to AAVMC, The Admissions & Recruitment Committee (ARC), VMCAS Advisory committee on initiatives and projects.
  • Serve as student representatives to other associations (NAAHP, APVMA), panels, conferences, and/or meetings on behalf of VMCAS and possibly other initiatives/projects.
  • Conduct research and analysis on student data collected by AAVMC / VMCAS and make recommendations to the ARC and VMCAS Advisory Committee.
  • Develop / recommend tools and initiatives to complement communications efforts from VMCAS, AAVMC and other bodies.
  • Provide a leadership program for future veterinary students by fostering and/or mentoring pre-veterinary and first year students.

AAVMC received over eighty nominations for six available seats on the panel and selected members were notified this week.

"The students will have the opportunity to gain leadership skills, forge a unique partnership with the veterinary colleges and the AAVMC, and be able to have an impact in supporting their peers in many different ways" says Mailey.

Content Submissions for Pathways

Would you like to contribute content to the advisor's edition of Pathways? Submit your short content / article to: pathways@aavmc.org.

We welcome your contributions!!